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The "Bramblewood Fund" and more about Kim Caraway

Kim and Diane Caraway, owners of Bramblewood, have worked side by side for over 30 years, with 18 years at their current location - and have gone through every economic cycle and home decor fad. Located in the heart of historic Black Mountain, Bramblewood is a must for all visiting tourists and a local favorite. They offer gifts for everyone as well as home & cabin furnishings alike. The longevity of this business has to do with their special talents of adapting to the fluid, ever changing retail environment.

But what has been consistent during this time has been their work ethic, wonderful personalities, great sense of humor and their willingness to help others. They have always just gone about doing their thing in Town - being good neighbors, working hard and helping others when needed - expecting nothing in return.

Earlier this year, Kim was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer - his second battle with this disease in the last four years. Concentrating on Kim's current course of treatment, they have been unable to work in their store on a regular basis. Kim and Diane are battling this cancer with all their resources, trying to maintain their store, in addition to dealing with the mounting medical expenses.

Many of us had asked "What can we do to help?" ...Here's how!!

You can help by making a donation, or participating in one or more of the raffles being held in the Downtown businesses (see list below.)

Raffle program: Participating Businesses

We are holding a one month raffle (rather than a one-time, one day event):
August 9 - September 14
A raffle allows not only the residents - but also our visitors in town - to help contribute towards their growing medical bills. Each participating Business chooses what they would like to raffle - an item or items, a gift certificate, a lunch/dinner for two, etc.

Please look over the list below of participants to see what they are contributing to the raffle.
Then, go visit those stores! Each store will have a donation box/sign, showcasing what they are raffling off for this fundraiser...

Black Mountain Savings Bank
200 E State Street | (828) 669-7991

Black Mountain Books
103 Cherry Street | Phone:(828) 669-8149

Black Mountain Quilts
120 W State Street | (828) 669-0730 | Visit their website HERE

Black Mountain Swannanoa Chamber of Commerce
201 E. State Street | (828) 669-2300 |

Cherry Street Kids
101 Cherry Street | (828) 669-1171 | Visit them on Facebook

118-D Cherry Street | (828) 669-2743 | Visit their website HERE

Common Housefly: A Kitchen Emporium
104 W State Street | (828) 669-0503 | Visit their website HERE

C.W. Moose Trading Company
111 W State Street | (828) 669-1961 | Visit their website HERE

Faison O'Neil Gallery
128 Cherry Street | (828) 357-5350 | Visit their website HERE

114 West State Street | (828) 669-8217

Ginko Tree Gallery
128 Broadway Street | (828) 669-7721 |

Greenspan Wellness Center
3174 U.S. 70, Black Mountain | (828) 669-5314 |

Inn Around The Corner
109 Church Street | (828) 669-6005 |

Kilwin's Chocolates, Fudge & Ice Cream
116 W. State Street | (828) 669-6119 |

Morning Glory Cafe
6 E Market Street, Black Mountain | (828) 669-6212 | Visit their website HERE

My Father's Pizza
110 Cherry Street | (828) 669-4944 |

Que Sera
400 E State Street | (828) 664-9472 |

104 Broadway Street | (828) 669-8286 |

The Red Rocker Inn
136 North Dougherty Street | (828) 357-5991 |

Thyme and Again
105 Cherry Street | (828) 669-5981 | Visit their website HERE

Visions of Creation
100 Cherry Street | (828) 669-0065 | Visit their website HERE

"Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden" (children's book), by author, Karen Leonetti | (941) 650-0574 |

Businesses who have made financial or "in-kind" contributions

Black Mountain News

Black Mountain Yarn Shop
203-A W State Street | (828) 669-7570 | Visit their website HERE

Bone-A-Fide Pet Boutique
118 Cherry Street | (828) 669-0706 | Visit them on Facebook

Mountain Nest Gallery / and Art from the Heart
133 Cherry Street | (828) 669-0314 | Visit their website HERE

Rockin' Black Mountain FREE Rides | (828) 357-8399 |

Seven Sisters Gallery
117 Cherry Street | (828) 669-5107 |

The UPS Store
151 NC Hwy 9, Suite B | (828) 664-9333 | Visit their website HERE

151 NC Hwy 9, Suite B PMB 106, Black Mountain | Visit their website HERE

Wilson Funeral Home
501 West State Street | (828) 669-8121 | Visit their website HERE

Make a donation now...

You may find several raffle items available (seen at left) from our area businesses that are participating in this fundraising program, but you may also choose to make a one-time donation, as well. Please use the PayPal button below to make a financial contribution to help Kim & Diane Caraway.

Thank you for supporting this cause!

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